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The following is a list of Items in the game Cognition.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Episode(s)
"Blood Buys Him Time" Figurine Blood Buys Him Time.jpg Episode 4
"Only Reed Blood" Figurine Only Reed Blood.jpg Episode 4
"You Bleed He Breathes" Figurine You Bleed He Breathes.jpg Episode 4
"Your Blood Will Save Him" Figurine Your Blood Will Save Him.jpg Episode 4
Bag Of Drugs Bag Of Drugs.jpg Episode 4
Bars and Moon Figurine Bars and Moon Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Bell Charm Bell Charm.jpg Episode 2
Berklee Stationary Berklee Stationary.jpg Episode 2
Black Flower Black Flower.jpg Episode 3
Black Hair Strands Black Hair Strands.jpg Episode 4
Blank Tape Blank Tape.jpg Episode 2
Box of Doughnuts Box of Doughnuts.jpg Episode 1
Bracelet Strip Bracelet Strip.jpg Episode 4
Broom Broom.jpg Episode 4
Burned Document Burned Document.jpg Episode 3
Caltrop Caltrop.jpg Episode 4
Car Key Car Key.jpg Episode 4
Cellphone Cellphone.jpg Episode 3
Chips Chips.jpg Episode 1
Coffee Trap Figurine Coffee Trap Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Coins Coins.jpg Episode 1
Colleen's Eyes Colleen's Eyes.jpg Episode 2
Colleen's Tongue Colleen's Tongue.jpg Episode 2
Computers Computer 1.jpg Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Cordelia's Journal Cordelia's Journal.jpg Episode 3
Cordelia's Number Cordelia's Number.jpg Episode 2
Cup Of Water Cup Of Water.jpg Episode 4
DJ's Ears DJ's Ears.jpg Episode 2
Egg Sandwich Egg Sandwich.jpg Episode 1
Empty Cup Empty Cup.jpg Episode 4
Erica Figurine Erica Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Erica Wheel Trap Figurine Erica Wheel Trap Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Erica's Badge Erica's Badge.jpg Episode 1
Evidence Form Evidence Form.jpg Episode 1
Episode 2
Fingernails Fingernails.jpg Episode 4
Flower Flower.jpg Episode 1
G-Clef Charm G-Clef Charm.jpg Episode 2
George Siblings Trap Figurine George Siblings Trap Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Glass Shard Wheel Trap Figurine Glass Shard Wheel Trap Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Gold Watch Gold Watch.jpg Episode 4
Golden Bracelet Golden Bracelet.jpg Episode 4
Golden Tooth Golden Tooth.jpg Episode 4
Graduation Ring Graduation Ring.jpg Episode 4
Guitar Charm Guitar Charm.jpg Episode 2
Gun Gun.jpg Episode 1
Hammer Hammer.jpg Episode 1
Heather's Ears Heather's Ears.jpg Episode 2
Heather's Eyes Heather's Eyes.jpg Episode 2
Heather's Tongue Heather's Tongue.jpg Episode 2
House Key House Key.jpg Episode 4
Interagency Form Interagency Form.jpg Episode 2
Iron Maiden Figurine Iron Maiden Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Joey's Ears Joey's Ears.jpg Episode 2
Joey's Eyes Joey's Eyes.jpg Episode 2
Joey's Tongue Joey's Tongue.jpg Episode 2
Keith's Gun Keith's Gun.jpg Episode 4
Kelsey's Demo CD Kelsey's Demo CD.jpg Episode 2
Kelsey's Empty Envelope Kelsey's Empty Envelope.jpg Episode 2
Key Key.jpg Episode 1
Episode 3
Keyfob Keyfob.jpg Episode 3
Knife Knife.jpg Episode 3
Le Pendu Piece Le Pendu Piece.jpg Episode 1
Light Gadget Light Gadget.jpg Episode 1
Lighter Lighter.jpg Episode 1
Episode 3
Lockpicks Lockpicks.jpg Episode 1
Longmore's Fingerprint Longmore's Fingerprint.jpg Episode 1
Luke's Eyes Luke's Eyes.jpg Episode 2
Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass.jpg Episode 4
Max Figurine Max Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Max Interview Max Interview.jpg Episode 3
Memory Card Memory Card.jpg Episode 1
Episode 2
Microcassette Microcassette.jpg Episode 1
Model Model.jpg Episode 3
Necklace Necklace.jpg Episode 3
Note Note.jpg Episode 3
P.O. Box Envelope P.O. Box Envelope.jpg Episode 2
P.O. Box Key P.O. Box Key.jpg Episode 2
Package Package.jpg Episode 1
Pen Pen.jpg Episode 3
Phone Phone.jpg Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Piano Charm Piano Charm.jpg Episode 2
Piece Of Photo Piece Of Photo.jpg Episode 4
Police Tape Police Tape.jpg Episode 3
Quija Board Quija Board.jpg Episode 2
Razor Blade Razor Blade.jpg Episode 4
Road Cone Road Cone.jpg Episode 3
Rocket Cam Rocket Cam.jpg Episode 3
Rose's Card Rose's Card.jpg Episode 3
Sarah's Necklace Sarah's Necklace.jpg Episode 1
Scott Trap Figurine Scott Trap Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Scraps Of Paper Scraps Of Paper.jpg Episode 1
Screwdriver Screwdriver.jpg Episode 2
Shovel Shovel.jpg Episode 1
Signed Documents Signed Documents.jpg Episode 3
Signed Interagency Form Signed Interagency Form.jpg Episode 2
Spike Stripes Figurine Spike Stripes Figurine.jpg Episode 4
Stack Of Papers Stack Of Papers.jpg Episode 2
Stone Wheel Stone Wheel.jpg Episode 1
Tape Player Tape Player.jpg Episode 1
Tattoo Photo Tattoo Photo.jpg Episode 1
Tess' Pen Tess' Pen.jpg Episode 2
Theatre Masks Charm Theatre Masks Charm.jpg Episode 2
Threatening Letter Threatening Letter.jpg Episode 2
Tire Iron Tire Iron.jpg Episode 2
Two Keyfobs Two Keyfobs.jpg Episode 3
Van Key Van Key.jpg Episode 3
Vent Envelope Vent Envelope.jpg Episode 2
Victim Photo Victim Photo.jpg Episode 1
Violin Charm Violin Charm.jpg Episode 2
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring.jpg Episode 4
Wire Wire.jpg Episode 4
Wirecutter Wirecutter.jpg Episode 1
Wise Monkey File Wise Monkey File.jpg Episode 2
Woman's Photo Woman's Photo.jpg Episode 1
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