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The following is a list of Achievements available in the Cognition series.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description Episode(s)
Only Reed Blood Only Reed Blood Achievement.jpg Complete Act 1 of "The Hangman" Episode 1
Hanged Hanged.jpg Complete Act 2 of "The Hangman" Episode 1
Boston Tea Party Boston Tea Party.jpg Complete Act 3 of "The Hangman" Episode 1
Not A Witch Not A Witch.jpg Successfully complete "The Hangman" Episode 1
Big Girl Now Big Girl Now.jpg Complete "The Hangman" without texting Erica's dad Episode 1
Wired Wired.jpg Erica saves Scott from the trap Episode 1
Guilt-Ridden Guilt-Ridden.jpg Erica fails to save Scott from the trap Episode 1
A little birdie A little birdie.jpg Find the hidden Phoenix Online Logo Episode 1
A Parallel Universe A Parallel Universe.jpg Examine the Scarlet Furies poster Episode 1
Gumshoe Gumshoe.jpg All Q&A puzzles are correctly answered the first time Episode 1
Disgrace to the Bureau Disgrace to the Bureau.jpg All Q&A puzzles are answered incorrectly Episode 1
Badaboomdingdang! Badaboomdingdang!.jpg Help Terence with his problem, and get his help in return Episode 1
FBI Itch FBI Itch.jpg Ignore Terence's problem and find your own solution Episode 1
Good Cop-Bad Cop Good Cop-Bad Cop.jpg Force Robert's interrogation, get Sully's help, let Robert go free. Episode 1
McCoy, With a Donut, in the Jail McCoy, With a Donut, in the Jail.jpg Convince Robert to come to the station, get John's help, keep Robert in jail Episode 1
Hear No Evil Hear No Evil.jpg Complete the Tess Interrogation Episode 2
Speak No Evil Speak No Evil.jpg Use a divination device to get Melissa's help Episode 2
See No Evil See No Evil.jpg Open the puzzle box Episode 2
Bad Breakup Bad Breakup.jpg See vision of Kelsey's death Episode 2
Do No Evil Do No Evil.jpg Successfully complete "The Wise Monkey" Episode 2
Trying to Quit Trying to Quit.jpg Refuse the coffee from Tess Episode 2
Bad Attitude Bad Attitude.jpg Establish a bad relationship with McAdams Episode 2
Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground.jpg Fire at the car in the parking lot Episode 2
Do A Barrel Roll! Do A Barrel Roll!.jpg Dive clear of the car in the parking lot Episode 2
Caffeine Addict Caffeine Addict.jpg Take the coffee from Tess Episode 2
Privacy Violation Privacy Violation.jpg Sneak a peek in someone else's inbox Episode 2
Suffer! Suffer!.jpg Find the Suffer Episode 2
Pay Your Respects Pay Your Respects.jpg Say goodbye to Davies Episode 2
Greedy Greedy.jpg Find all the evidence indicating the Dean's corruption Episode 2
Nothing Gets Past You Nothing Gets Past You.jpg No wrong answers on the Wise Monkey quiz Episode 2
The Oracle Unveiled The Oracle Unveiled.jpg Complete Act 1 of "The Oracle" Episode 3
Cog-nected Cog-nected.jpg Erica and Cordelia make a special connection Episode 3
Trip Down Memory Lane Trip Down Memory Lane.jpg Complete all memories in the apartment Episode 3
Your Secrets Aren't Safe Your Secrets Aren't Safe.jpg Complete Act 2 of "The Oracle" Episode 3
Going Down Going Down.jpg Complete Act 3 of "The Oracle" Episode 3
Filmed in Shakycam Filmed in Shakycam.jpg Use the camera to view all the numbers painted on the wall Episode 3
I didn't See This Coming I didn't See This Coming.jpg Successfully complete "The Oracle" Episode 3
Dear Journal Dear Journal.jpg Use the journal to get a hint Episode 3
Can't Stay Out of the Office Can't Stay Out of the Office.jpg Perform a character switch, starting somewhere outside Episode 3
The Right Tool for the Job The Right Tool for the Job.jpg Thoroughly use cognition to help Keith with his problem Episode 3
Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder.jpg Two women see art very differently Episode 3
Patron of the Arts Patron of the Arts.jpg Erica gets a close look at all notable art Episode 3
PenPointing PenPointing.jpg At one point you are given the task to hide some evidence in the penthouse. Go then to Keith's work desk on the top floor and pick up a pen, which you must use on various objects around the apartment. Episode 3
Busy Work Busy Work.jpg No one can get work done if you keep calling down to the office Episode 3
The Past is Prologue The Past is Prologue.jpg Complete act 1 of "The Cain Killer" Episode 4
The Fugitive The Fugitive.jpg Complete Act 2 of "The Cain Killer" Episode 4
Back in 'Nam Back in 'Nam.jpg Successfully help a friend remember what Bao-Thanh said Episode 4
There's No I in Team There's No I in Team.jpg Complete Act 3 of "The Cain Killer" Episode 4
Cogged Cogged.jpg Sucessfully complete "The Cain Killer Episode 4
No Time For Games! No Time For Games!.jpg Find the game within the game Episode 4
Federal Protection Federal Protection.jpg Save Jetta during the undercover operation Episode 4
Avoidable Casualities Avoidable Casualities.jpg Let Jetta die during the undercover operation Episode 4
The Good Sister The Good Sister.jpg Never lose any of Keith's trust in the Lakehouse Episode 4
Deadbeat Dad Deadbeat Dad.jpg The interrogation subject is coerced into talking Episode 4
Asphyxia Asphyxia.jpg You went a little too far and the interrogation subject passed out Episode 4
A Question of Trust A Question of Trust.jpg McAdams trusts you after a tense exchange in a car Episode 4
A Question of Dust A Question of Dust.jpg McAdams doesn’t trust you after a tense exchange in a car Episode 4
Take That, Jack! Take That, Jack!.jpg Protect a fellow agent Episode 4
Moves Like Bauer Moves Like Bauer.jpg Couldn't protect a fellow agent Episode 4
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